Black Dragon Mafia

The Marauders [actually, the Dragon Mafia]:
The marauders were part of a large-scale group of criminal-types. This is not a thieves guild, but rather, a dragon mafia! Cornelia and Flandre don’t know this yet though. The family has some half-dragons at medium-high ranks (like heavy enforcer positions), but there are two adult dragons at its head and some younger dragons too (they spend their time shape-shifted, most people don’t know they are dragons). The hired people are just bandits and thieves and scum of many kinds. The dragons seek to increase their wealth and hoard, basically. The Mafia is doing mafia-like stuff (running brothels, gambling, moving in on other gangs’ territories) as well as doing bandit stuff (raiding, stealing).

In Izil, the Black Dragon Mafia has a major hold. Because of the actually effective-ish guards and military, they stick to mostly legitimate and minor shady things, and cannot accomplish much through brute force but rather must use cleverness and subtlety. There is a base-type thing reminiscent of a yakuza base (everyone knows where it is but can’t really move in on it, since destroying it won’t destroy the group’s presence). A crafty Black Half-Dragon (human) is the guy/gal in charge in town. Has some other half-dragon, orc, and human high-ranking subordinates of various classes and ability. In Izil, the mafia isn’t looking for a fight, but just doing their operations and getting more power, but they aren’t invisible and there are signs they are here in strength; because of their involvement with traders (mostly hooking them up with smuggled goods) and other stuff, they may be noticed, but they shouldn’t be the main thing to do in Izil on the first visit unless people go out of their way to confront them.
Current Operations: brothels, gambling/animal fighting, no-drugs, working with merchants against other merchants, low-key gangfighting.
Their insidious evil plan: Have Izil’s heir slain and a member of the mafia named heir, since she is next in line. The planned pro-mafia heir is not a half-dragon, but close in the mafia. She would act as if she opposed the mafia if it does something bad, but really doesn’t, obviously. As they are thwarted, they may become more and more open and brutal.

unnamed black dragon
unnamed human half-dragon
unnamed human half-dragon
unnamed orc half-dragon
Kanako snake half-dragon

Associated Persons:
Belmorn (Marauders)
Durandra (Izil Nobles)

Scarlet Castle, specifically Cornelia
Select members of all Izil factions.

Black Dragon Mafia

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