Devon is a country which has the capital Exetor. This country neighbors Izil’s country.

Devon is a republic, governed by a council chosen by the privileged classes (merchants, landed people, skilled craftpeople, aristocrats, ect.)

Devon is hilly and mountainous, with many highland areas. It has many small rivers and forests, as well as grassy/brushy hills.

There are many underground or delved settlements, ruins, dungeons, and such locations in Devon compared to Izil.

Devon is home to many kobolds, dwarves, and hill-creatures in addition to a human population. Many mages live in Devon because they like to put their towers on hills and mountains to look more impressing. Devon also is home to a large hermit population, since the mountains and hills provide isolated places to live apart from society.

Agriculture is big in Devon’s valleys and low hills, both of harvesting fields and the herding of sheep and other domesticated animals. There is some mining of minerals as well, though Devon does not have as rich of mineral deposits as Izil does.


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