Izil (ee-zil): Population 12,000 (Humans > Orcs > Half-orcs, Dwarves/Halflings/other)
In Izil, there is:
City Walls with attached cosmopolitan stronghold. (support for cavalry housing and weapons manufacturing, military district around it, can exit directly into countryside or city in multiple spots)
Iron Dragon Tram Station (elevated over walls, station is just inside)
An Orcish/Half-Orcish Stronghold (Larkazkhur, just outside southeast)
Trade/Market District (main, with the inns and dealers PCs so desire)
Some low-wealth area for crime to fester.
Great Hall (for the ruler) with appropriate attachment type buildings and services (including the bureaucracy).
Various Neighborhoods of varying qualities.
Guard Houses & HQ (guards also function as fire brigade)
Buildings arranged in clusters and stuff, lots of open space, not just some urban mess
Temple/Church for important dieties (outside and inside)
News Print-shop (always wants new and exciting information to write about, someone involved is similar to hatate and aya, with another member like momiji)
Mage Tower (outside of walls northeast)

The immediate region around Izil (for miles around) is good farmland in a large depression (physically) because of the aquifer below and the underground freshwater sea. Water is taken from mechanical wells and through magical means lifted as well, thus feeding the only major zone in core Iloginom, thus the placement of city Izil here. ”Pride of the barren north”
Also in the immediate region are several smaller settlements scattered through the depression, and also many clusters of people and stuff like suburbs almost immediately around the city’s walls and spreading beyond them.

Izil’s primary agriculture are ranching (especially of horses) and growing grains (only in the depression). The country around Izil also brings in primarily mineral wealth (mining of irons and other usable, though boring, ores) and additional ranching. Izil is not especially known for any of its manufacturing, save for its steel(weapons/armor) and other metalworking (copper, tin, bronze, iron/steel, ect.) goods.
Major imports: Wood products, finery, non-basic foods, some manufactured goods.
Major exports: Quality horses, metalworking products, raw-metal.

Izil has an elite cavalry unit, based out of the cosmopolitan stronghold.
Iloginom(country, ee-log-ee-nom) has a military, but most of it is based in Izil and surrounding area, since it is the country’s center. The rest of the military is mostly on threatened borders. Military is mixed-race light cavalry and heavy cavalry, with some orcish wolf-rider auxiliaries. Also infantry & mages, but little siege works. Military is focused on maintaining and defending the realm.

Izil/Iloginom’s noble houses rule through an appointed regent who has the support of many of the houses. Much of the military exists outside of the nobles control, and acts as moderator to prevent armed conflicts between houses. Nobles and their forces are expected to support the regent and official military during times of need, and to police their own lands during peace. The merchant class has considerable influence as well, since many merchants are also nobles, and those that are not can still flex their wealth. The central official military is strong, but could not hope to prevail against most houses combined of strength, and has little influence save to advise in military matters and suggest regents fit for leadership, as well as having a voice in the final council of government.

Factions of Izil:
Black Dragon Mafia
Izil Nobles
Izil Merchants
Izil Clergy
Izil Thieves
Izil Guards
Izil General Population

People from Izil:
Durandra (Nobles)


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