Scarlet Castle

The Scarlet Castle oversees a medium mining settlement. The vegetation in the area surrounding it is desolate, brown, brittle, or rotting. There are old fields near the settlement that lie barren with nothing growing in them or even planted. The reason for these effects is that there is are thick fogs which block out the sun, though it the presence of dead flora and old fields indicates that it was not always so. People still live in the village, though its focus is now entirely on mining and crafting, all agriculture has faded.

The castle itself stands apart from the settlement. Its crenelated stone walls have been stained in many places by some reddish substance (fungus/mold/rust). Red banners with an emblem of a white-viper-striking fly from the gatehouse and keep.

A river runs near the settlement, though it has been dammed to form a stagnant pond, over which a bridge has been constructed.

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Scarlet Castle

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