White Lily

White Lily is a cult. The charismatic leader (White Lily) appeals to the general population’s pride in themselves and their land. The claim is that the land will be clean and pure. The goal of the cult is to drive out foreigners and foreign influences from the lands in which it operates, and bring back the native faiths and native pride and native honor and native worth and native purity.

White Lily does cult-like things (have members of some families join, with other members being worried and wanting to save them, skulk in dungeons doing rituals and stuff, plotting to overthrow society, ect. but they have an actual goal of their activities; it’s just that their methods are wrong.)
Contains high amounts of martial artists, finesse martial classes, and magicians.

“White Lily are invincible! They are the savior of the people!”
“We reject the treaty of xxx! We reject the occupation of xxx! We reject the xxx presences!”

“White Lily is a wonderous ring of virtuous comrades set on enlightening the world. White Lily grows in filthy ground, yet it blooms pure and white, in the same way, though we may live in this wretched world, we live to live in a purer way. white lotus is invincible!!! We love.”

“Supernatural forces guide us. Arrows are like raindrops. White Lily is invincible. Kill the foreign defilers.”

White Lily

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